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Nebbiolo and Pignola from the Alps

With Nebbiolo we produce three different wines by harvesting the grapes in different periods: an early harvest and drying of the grapes in the drying room, a harvest in the regular period and a late harvest.

The Pignola valtellinese, a local red grape variety not often cultivated nowadays, is vinified in white to make sparkling wine.

Our total annual production is about 20’000 bottles.

Quattro Soli
Quattro Soli

Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG 

This is our first Nebbiolo harvest. The grapes are harvested at the end of September / beginning of October when they are not yet perfectly ripe and contain a high level of acidity. They are laid out in crates, and during 2 months of drying in our well-ventilated room in the heart of the vineyard where they lose weight while sugars increase concentration.

This results in a well-structured wine with strong character, fine and elegant.

Why the name “Quattro Soli?” Because the strength given to me by my four nephews, led me to name the Sforzato the “Four Suns”. In the meantime, the nephews have become eight, the name of the wine remains and the strength transmitted by them has doubled.

“A Sforzato to drink, not necessarily for meditation”, was the comment of one of our guests who appreciated the vibrancy of our “Quattro Soli”.

Riserva Elisa
Riserva Elisa

Valtellina Superiore DOCG

This is the late harvest wine, our third and final Nebbiolo harvest. Mid of October, when the grapes are ripe, the fruiting cane are cut, thus maintaining the right acidity. The harvest takes place only at the beginning of November after the grapes have been dried on the vine for about two to three weeks, benefiting from the temperature fluctuations of the season.

This wine is complex and structured, with great finesse and elegance. It ages in large oak barrels for 4 years.

Why the name “Riserva Elisa”? My mother Elisa would have liked this type of wine, so I named it after her.

“A complex and rich wine, at the same time balanced and elegant, the whole of Valtellina comes out here”, said a Nebbiolo lover.

La Mossa
La Mossa

Valtellina Superiore DOCG

This is our regular harvest, the second Nebbiolo grape harvest in chronological order. The grapes are harvested in 12 kg boxes towards mid-October, two weeks after the Sforzato harvest.

This wine represents Valtellina and the vine cultivation in the mountains, fresh and vertical, fine and elegant.

Why the name “La Mossa”? When I was young, I became passionate about the Palio di Siena, the traditional horse race held in the Tuscan city. The start of this race is called “la mossa”, in English “the move”, so this is the name I gave to my first wine, which represents my beginning, my first move.

“La Mossa è valida, la mossa è valida”, is shouted when the start of the race is valid. Smiling this is what I think when our clients appreciate this wine.

La Perla Extra Brut
Extra Brut La Perla

Alpi Retiche IGT Spumante Metodo Classico

The native red grape Pignola Valtellinese is harvested around mid-September and vinified in white to obtain an ideal sparkling wine base. This sparkling wine is produced with the classic method, re-fermenting in the bottle and resting on the lees for 24 months.

It is a very dry sparkling wine with only a few grams of sugar added to the liqueur d’expédition. A fresh and elegant bubbly from the mountains.

Why the name “La Perla”? The sparkling wine carries the same name as the company, which was also my mother Elisa’s nickname. The perlage is the set of bubbles that rise in a glass of a sparkling wine, and so the name “La Perla” ties in well with this wine.

“A unique bubbly, with a lot of character, in which I taste the mountains. A great discovery”, commented a classic method enthusiast.

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